Noah Schnapp Begged Stranger Things Writers to Change One Will Detail

Noah Schnapp Begged Stranger Things Writers to Change One Will Detail
Image credit: Legion-Media

Stranger Things star tried to persuade the show's creators to change his style, but all his arguments had no effect.

Will Byers has come a long way during Stranger Things four-season run. From a shy cute boy spending most of Season 1 in The Upside Down, he has grown into a lonely teen struggling with his sexuality. Despite being one of the main characters of the sci-fi series, viewers usually remember Will by one feature, his retro haircut.

The bowl haircut that has become Will's distinctive feature was extremely popular in the 1970s. It was easy to make and seemed pretty neat at the time. But the popularity of that style started to fade away in the early 1980s, and now it is widely considered to be ridiculous and serves as the subject of many jokes.

For Stranger Things, Will's haircut was undoubtedly one of many authentic features sending viewers back in time. However, for Noah Schnapp, this hairstyle has become a real torture.

The actor behind Will Byers shared with Jimmy Fallon that he hated the haircut and begged the creators to change it.

During the interview dedicated to then-upcoming Season 4, Fallon took out a photo of Will flaunting his bowl cut to the huge embarrassment of Noah Schnapp. The host told Noah Will's haircut was one of the best things on television. "One of the worst," the Stranger Things star replied.

When asked if he ever wanted to change the haircut, Noah didn't skip a beat saying he literally asked the show's creators to alter Will's look all the time.

"Why doesn't Will... maybe he shaves his head?" Schnapp described himself asking provoking laughter from the audience.

The actor went on asking Fallon who had been an 80s kid if everyone was really wearing the bowl cut in the 1980s and the host produced another photo of young self, wearing a spiky kind of cool hairstyle. Envious Noah took the picture with himself to show it to the studio's hair and makeup department as proof that a bowl haircut was not a must in the 1980s. This move didn't help though as in Season 4 Will was still seen wearing his unique hairstyle.

Who knows, maybe the creators will have pity on Noah Schnapp and change his style in the fifth and final season of Stranger things coming sometime in 2024.