New LotR Movies Won't Ruin the Original Trilogy, and It's Pretty Obvious Why

New LotR Movies Won't Ruin the Original Trilogy, and It's Pretty Obvious Why
Image credit: globallookpress

Take note – it is not yet confirmed what exactly the new Middle-earth movies planned by Warner Bros. are going to be.

There is a possibility that they will introduce some sort of "expanded LotR universe", just like The Rings of Power tried to do, as well as a possibility of re-adapting The Lord of the Rings to the big screen again.

But in either case they won't ruin the original Lord of the Rings trilogy by Peter Jackson, and the reasons for that are pretty obvious.

In case of another adaptation of the same source material, The Lord of the Rings will simply join the ranks of classic stories which get new adaptations and interpretations on the big screen semi-regularly, like the tales of Sherlock Holmes or The Three Musketeers.

In this case, the new version of The Lord of the Rings obviously won't have any impact on the viewers' relationship with Jackson's movies (except perhaps in the unlikely case of it happening to be clearly superior).

If the new movies happen to be bad, the fans of the original trilogy simply won't watch them and would stick with what they already have.

And if the new movies will attempt to do their own thing, and then do it badly, well, there would probably be some considerable rage and seething on the web, as happened with The Rings of Power, but then everyone would start ignoring them.

After all, the old crew probably won't be involved in making them, and they would have to invent stories from scratch, so new movies of this type won't really have anything connecting them inseparably either to Tolkien's books or to Jackson's version of Middle-earth.

Even if the new movies are going to attempt aping Jackson's style as much as possible, the fans are unlikely to confuse them.

After all, The Rings of Power also clearly based the vast majority of its visual designs on Jackson's movies, and the fans have no problem treating the series as something completely separate from the movies' setting.

So, while some people may be already preparing their vitriol, at worst, if the new movies end up as terrible as many fear, we lose nothing.

And there is at least a chance that they might be good.