New Ghost Rider Trailer with Jensen Ackles Looks Too Good to Be Fan-Made

New Ghost Rider Trailer with Jensen Ackles Looks Too Good to Be Fan-Made
Image credit: Legion-Media, Amazon Prime Video

What could be more Supernatural than hunting down evil-doers as an unkillable damned biker?

Ever since Kevin Feige first brought up the topic of rebooting Ghost Rider, fans have been going wild with speculations. Everyone has their favorite actor lined up for the part, but perhaps the most unanimous and much-requested choice is Keanu Reeves — which is why this fresh trailer for new Ghost Rider 2025 caught people off guard.

Jensen Ackles Accepts the Curse in New Trailer

Recently, YouTube channel KH Studio, famous for their professional-looking fan-made movie trailers, released a new one — for the supposedly upcoming Ghost Rider reboot. Despite Keanu Reeves being the most popular choice, folks from KH “cast” Supernatural ’s Jensen Ackles as the new damned biker, and it looked great!

Most fans in the comment section admit that they’ve never considered Ackles for the part, but come to think of it, he does seem like the right guy for the job, especially with his Soldier Boy look. Unfortunately for the trailer’s creators, they did too good of a job on it, and many people genuinely fell for it, leading to frustration among fans.

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Many Fans Hated the ‘Ghost Rider Trailer Bait’

The comment section under the fan-made trailer is filled with two kinds of people: those who fell for the supposed “bait” and those who can read. KH Studio’s YouTube profile clearly states they are “creating concept trailers” which are “a user-generated form of digital creativity,” but that doesn’t stop some people from hating on them.

People claim they’re “getting sick of trailer notifications on my phone like it’s official breaking news” or that the Ghost Rider fan trailer “actually kind of pissed them off.” To give you some context, the video currently has 4.2K dislikes against 2.5K likes, and all that hate is coming from people who failed to read the disclaimer. Wild, right?

That’s a testament to the fan trailer’s quality in our book, if anything.

On a more positive note, KH’s video made more people recognize Jensen Ackles’ potential as a big movie actor, and with enough media coverage, who knows — maybe the Supernatural star will be genuinely considered for the lead part in the Ghost Rider reboot! But Keanu Reeves will still be tough competition for him…

Your perfect new Ghost Rider?

Source: KH Studio via YouTube