New Dexter Sequel Should Be Canceled Right Now, Fans Have a Much Better Idea

New Dexter Sequel Should Be Canceled Right Now, Fans Have a Much Better Idea
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It didn't take the Internet long.

At this point, everyone knows that a good spinoff of an old show can either make it or break it. There have been some successful attempts, like the new Quantum Leap or Young Sheldon, but there have also been numerous tragic shows that ended up being completely abandoned by the audience because they did more harm than good to the original.

In the case of Dexter 's new prequel show, which is now officially in development at Paramount Plus with Showtime and already has its new leads, fans remain torn. While some think that the look at Dexter's youth might be interesting, others think that the show should either focus on Dexter in his previous timeline or let his character go.

What Dexter Prequel Is Going to Be About?

The information about the new series is still very limited, but there is some insight into its premise. Set in 1991, 15 years before the events of Dexter, the show will follow the life of the main character and his slow transformation into the serial killer we all know. While intriguing, fans believe they can come up with a better idea.

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Discussing the latest news about the prequel on the r/Dexter subreddit, Dexter fans shared their feelings about the premise. As expected, the vast majority were skeptical about whether the new series could recreate the blasting success of the original, but there were a few with some great ideas to replace the spinoff with.

One of the most popular comments with more than 400 upvotes was left by Redditor AintNoBuffet and stated they’d rather have Dexter alive and facing the punishment he deserved.

“Definitely, he somehow survives and you watch him navigate prison life, or he’s a ghost that follows Harrison, like Deb and Harry did. And also get to see Harrison’s side of the story now that Dexter has shown him what he does. Sort of like the both harsh realities they experience,” Redditor A_MNESIA agreed.

While it's understandable that people find it hard to believe that anyone could ever replicate the brilliance of Michael C. Hall as the original Dexter, it may be better to give the show a chance than to dismiss it out of hand.

If you are interested in checking out the new series, keep an eye out for more news and behind-the-scenes updates.