New Avengers Update Brings Hope The Kang Dynasty Isn't Dead Yet

New Avengers Update Brings Hope The Kang Dynasty Isn't Dead Yet
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The creator of the Loki TV series has joined the production of the movie and he might be the perfect candidate to save the already controversial movie.


  • The final episode of Loki season 2 presented a great opportunity for the MCU to shift its focus away from Kang
  • However, the latest update reveals that Avengers: The Kang Dynasty is still in the works, with the creator of the Loki now writing the script
  • While this decision is rather questionable, he might be the perfect candidate for the job and actually make the movie work

After the unexpected finale of the Loki TV series, many fans were left wondering if the surprising twist meant that the MCU would change course in light of the ongoing controversy surrounding Jonathan Majors.

With Loki replacing He Who Remains as the central figure of the entire franchise, and the situation with variants of Kang the Conqueror seemingly under control as they are constantly watched by the TVA, it presented a perfect opportunity to shift the focus of the franchise away from the problematic actor.

However, the latest update on the upcoming huge addition to the franchise, Avengers: The Kang Dynasty, which, as the title suggests, was supposed to focus entirely on the MCU's next big villain, indicates that's not going to happen.

Kang Dynasty Still In The Works, Despite Fans’ Expectations

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Contrary to the expectations of many fans, it seems that the movie is still in the works, as Deadline reports that Michael Waldron, the creator of the Loki TV series, has joined the project and will be writing the script for the movie.

While he was already attached to write the next film, Avengers: Secret Wars, it seems that the resounding success of Loki season 2 made the studio more confident in Waldron's talents, and now he will be responsible for the stories of both future Avengers movies.

This turn of events clearly suggests that the studio decided against changing the course of the franchise after all, despite the great opportunity given by the finale of Loki season 2, which raises questions among some fans.

They believe that the MCU has now officially lost its only chance to get rid of Jonathan Majors, and given that his domestic violence trial hasn't even started yet, this decision could cause problems for the studio in the future, depending on the outcome.

Michael Waldron Can Actually Make The Movie Work Against All Odds

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However, fans also point out that if Kang's story is to be continued and brought to a proper conclusion, rather than abandoned after so much build-up, it would be hard to find a better person for the job than Michael Waldron.

After all, even though the current chapter of the MCU is called The Multiverse Saga, the big screen installments of the franchise have done little to develop the overarching story arc.

With all that in mind, the Loki TV series gave us the most information about the villain's backstory and why he is so dangerous, doing what the feature films failed to do for some reason.

Of course, the success of the show is due not only to its creator, but also to the team of talented directors and writers involved in its production, but fans are still hoping that Waldron will be able to save The Kang Dynasty, as after all the turmoil it went through, many of them thought it was dead and buried.

Either way, Avengers: The Kang Dynasty is still a long way from its release, as for now the movie is scheduled for May 1, 2026.

Do you think Avengers: The Kang Dynasty still has a chance?

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