Never See It Coming: These 10 Horror Movies Save Best Twists for Last

Never See It Coming: These 10 Horror Movies Save Best Twists for Last
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The only thing a good horror movie has to be is scary, all other elements of it feel a bit inferior compared to its main goal of scaring the hell out of its viewers. However, sometimes a horror movie needs something extra to make it great, because a mere collection of jumpscares and atmospheric scenes doesn't really add up to a masterpiece.

This extra can be found in many elements, but by far the most successful is a twist ending. The idea of a horror movie that turns on its head seconds before the credits roll really appealed to both fans and producers.

Here are 10 great horror movies with twist endings (warning: major spoilers ahead!)

As you've probably noticed, most of the movies on this list are highly acclaimed outside of the horror genre, with general audiences and mainstream critics often citing them as the best movies of all time, especially when it comes to twist endings, which these 10 movies absolutely excel at.

That said, the dynamite effect of the aforementioned twist finales certainly has a lot to do with horror as a genre, as such an ending perfectly accentuates the atmosphere of dread, betraying fans with a finale no one saw coming.

Of course, all 10 movies on this list would have been solid hits even without their endings, but the inclusion of sudden finale revelations managed to push them into greatness territory.