Netflix’s New Journalistic Drama Dives Into the Biggest Scandal of Past 20 Years

Netflix’s New Journalistic Drama Dives Into the Biggest Scandal of Past 20 Years
Image credit: Netflix

The new drama is focused on the recent bombshell interview.


  • The brand new Netflix film about a journalistic investigation starring Gillian Anderson is coming to the platform this week.
  • The plot follows the sequence of real-life events and one scandalous interview that concerns the British Royal Family.
  • Apart from the real chronicle, the movie is based on British TV’s former worker’s book.

Investigative films have never lost their popularity, but when it comes to journalists’ participation, the tension rises even higher and the viewer gets even more nervous. As cinema history has already seen brilliant examples of such journalistic epic stories like Spotlight, All the President’s Men or True Story, there’s one more film like this coming to Netflix this week — and it will dive deeper into a very scandalous interview.

The upcoming movie Scoop stars Gillian Anderson, famous for her roles in The X-Files and once again Netflix’s Sex Education, as journalist Emily Maitlis who famously exposed Prince Andrew’s relationships with sex offender Jeffrey Epstein in the bombshell interview for BBC back in 2019.

The film thus will largely follow the “scoop of the decade”, that Maitlis handled during her negotiations with Buckingham Palace, the Duke of York’s public downfall and dramatic repercussions of the whole story.

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The film is based on the real-life chronicle as well as on former Newsnight editor Sam McAlister’s book Scoops: Behind the Scenes of the BBC's Most Shocking Interviews. Almost at once after the book got to be published it was booked by Hollywood's major studios for a screen adaptation.

The upcoming movie with a trace of the Royal drama seems to be promising dramatical plot twists with the shocking revelations. As many may already know from the news back then, the infamous interview made a huge fuss in the international society — thus obliging Prince Andrew to abdicate his royal duties.

His personal (though forced) decision also more dramatically resulted in deprivation of all his merits conducted by his own mother, late Queen Elizabeth II.

The brand new film is landing on Netflix on April 5, so fans of brilliantly conducted journalistic investigations had better update their watchlist.