Netflix Makes an Epic Mistake Thinking It Adds to Witcher Lore, Fans Say

Netflix Makes an Epic Mistake Thinking It Adds to Witcher Lore, Fans Say
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Mired in scandals, The Witcher is going through tough times, and Henry Cavill's departure from season 3 doesn't help.

The Witcher is going through hard times, surrounded by scandals.

After the main star left the show, allegedly due to disagreements with the show's creators over a critical deviation from the original source material, fans are increasingly losing hope in a worthy continuation of the project.

"This is actually crazy. Even the people that thought the show sucked would still watch it because Henry is so good. I never expected this to happen. I feel like he's leaving because he's not happy with the direction of the show," Reddit user Obvious-Sea-434 said.

The above-mentioned departure from source material remains one of the biggest issues that fans have with the adaptation.

According to many fans, Andrzej Sapkowski's books are so good that they do not need to be changed by the show's writers.

After the heated discussions of the first and second seasons, the audience hoped that the writers would work on the mistakes, but judging by the latest news, this did not happen.

In a recent interview with Screen Rant, Graeme Marshall, VFX producer, shared his thoughts on making season 3.

"With season 3, we're in the throes of delivering the final couple of episodes on that, and it's super cool. I don't think it's anything that anyone's read or seen before in Witcher lore, so I think it's gonna be exciting," he said.

…and obviously didn't get quite the reaction from the fans that he had hoped for.

"I wonder what generic fantasy trope they are going to go with this time. The fact that they think they are adding to Witcher lore is so arrogant and misguided.

The worst part about this is that it is entirely possible to add something new that fits in with the existing lore. The Harkonnen heart plugs in David Lynch's 1984 Dune were awesome and were not in the books at all.

We will never see something like that for the Witcher," Reddit user darther_mauler commented.

Fans are seem to be so exhausted of their beloved canon being butchered that any mention of anything new in the series is met with hostility.

But now, all we have to do is wait until the summer, when season 3 is released, to find out if The Witcher will once again disappoint its fans.