Netflix Just Lost the Show That Could’ve Been Its Next Avatar

Netflix Just Lost the Show That Could’ve Been Its Next Avatar
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It probably would have been just as controversial.

One of the trends that has taken over the cable networks and streaming platforms is all kinds of revivals and reboots of old stories with a new spin.

From a commercial standpoint, the shows that already have a massive fan base and are widely recognized have a better chance of getting more viewers. Narrative-wise, however, is another story entirely.

From Winx to Avatar the Last Airbender, Netflix was trying to find the best stories beloved by many viewers and boosted by nostalgia to remake. The next big hit from that category should’ve been Power Rangers, but the show ended up leaving the streamer before it even got released.

Power Rangers Netflix Reboot

Even though Netflix has already released the 30th anniversary Power Rangers season titled Cosmic Fury, it wasn’t the end of Hasbro’s partnership with the streamer. For the past two years, Netflix has been developing a new show that was supposed to reboot the franchise. However, something went wrong, and now the show will be looking for another house.

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Created in collaboration with the mastermind behind the entire Power Rangers franchise, Jonathan Entwistle, the reboot had Daisy & the Six and Supernatural ’s Jenny Klein as its showrunner. Just like many other shows, the reboot was affected by WGA and AG AFTRA strikes in 2023, but was still planned to be released.

Despite the positive reviews of Cosmic Fury, with 82% audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes and 7.5/10 rating on IMDb, fans were still hesitant about the reboot. Looking back at the way Netflix has treated some of the most nostalgic and dear to viewers’ hearts stories over the years, the concerns weren’t groundless.

Still, as it has been reported by TVLine, Power Rangers owner Hasbro Entertainment is seeking ways to continue the production, but take it to another direction. This will likely mean losing the former showrunner as well, finding someone else with a vision that better suits the company's news.

While it is upsetting that now fans may need to wait for two more years, if not longer, given the production scheduling of big streaming platforms and TV networks, it’s nice to know that Power Rangers will return to screens: one way, or another. Until then, you can go ahead and re-watch Power Rangers Cosmic Fury still on Netflix.

Source: TVLine