Netflix Added 17 Classic Movies from the 1970s in January 2024

Netflix Added 17 Classic Movies from the 1970s in January 2024
Image credit: Netflix

January 2024 saw Netflix beefing up their library with a real treat for film buffs – a collection of dozens of classic movies from the 1970s, a decade known for its bold filmmaking and groundbreaking storytelling.

This batch isn't just any random pick; it's a carefully curated mix that's got everything from dusty, gun-slinging Westerns, where the heroes are as tough as the terrain they roam, to those Oscar-winning dramas that have the kind of dialogues and performances that film students will be dissecting for years.

These movies are like stepping into a time machine; they transport you back to an era where cinema was pushing boundaries, experimenting with new ideas, and giving voices to stories that were anything but mainstream (a satirical Western about a freed slave who becomes the sheriff of a racist town, anyone?).

As you scroll through this collection, it's like wandering through a gallery of the 70s' finest works, each film a snapshot of the raw, unfiltered creativity of the time, and a reminder of why these flicks are considered classics.

So for those who love a good throwback or are just curious to see what the fuss was all about, Netflix 's latest lineup is like finding a treasure trove of cinematic gold, just waiting to be rediscovered.