Near-Forgotten 1989 Dark Comedy Gets a Remake Even Cumberbatch Can't Save

Near-Forgotten 1989 Dark Comedy Gets a Remake Even Cumberbatch Can't Save
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Fans are already hating on the upcoming remake despite all its star power.


  • The classic 1989 dark comedy The War of the Roses remake is in development over at SunnyMarch.
  • Benedict Cumberbatch and Olivia Colman will star in the movie directed by Jay Roach and written by Tony McNamara.
  • Fans are already frustrated with “another golden classic remake” allegedly coming to ruin the original movie’s legacy.

Hollywood sure loves its remakes and can’t seem to have enough of them. With many of them failing, there are a few lazy but potentially prospective solutions, and one of them is to throw in a bunch of star actors. That’s seemingly the strategy director Jay Roach for his new movie: soon, a 1989 classic dark comedy The War of the Roses will get a star-studded remake, but fans are already hating it.

Coming Soon: The Roses Without The War

Recently, Variety reported that the 1989 The War of the Roses remake is in development. Led by Benedict Cumberbatch and Olivia Colman, the new version with a shorter name (more modern, we guess?), The Roses without “The War of,” will be directed and written by Bombshell’s Jay Roach and Poor Things ’ Tony McNamara, respectively.

The production team is excited to get to work, and it’s Cumberbatch’s own SunnyMarch company that will produce the movie. The people involved are making passionate statements and big promises, but it seems like fans are not buying them.

Many Fans Speak Out Against The Roses

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The remake’s announcement hasn’t exactly gathered much positive feedback so far. Comment sections under the news are filled with sarcastic comments about vile Hollywood getting its hands on another golden classic to ruin it instead of making new, original content. The Roses doesn’t have a fan base just now, it looks like.

“Again, another repeat: can the writers go back on strike soon? We can't take all this original content,” X (formerly Twitter) user JBPVFM commented.

Other fans quipped at the upcoming movie as well, calling it “another remake no one asked for” and wondering why would anyone come for such a classic dark comedy with such evil intentions.

Some even hoped that the announcement was April Fool’s news, but it wasn’t: whether you like it or not, Cumberbatch and Colman-led The Roses is in development, so we can only hope it lives up to the original’s name.

Even if it has been severely shortened.

Source: Variety