NCIS Will Be Leaving Netflix in a Month, but There’s a Twist

NCIS Will Be Leaving Netflix in a Month, but There’s a Twist
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Don’t rush to say goodbye just yet.

If there's one Netflix feature that gets as much praise as it does hate from fans, it's the content rotation system. While it is exactly what allows the streamer to add and produce new TV shows every month, there are many movies and TV series that may leave in the middle of your rewatch.

This is what could happen to all the NCIS fans who have just started binge-watching the show, or are watching it for the very first time on Netflix. In a little over a month, the iconic procedural will be gone from Netflix. But don't rush out and binge all 15 seasons at once, because there's a confusing catch.

Which Seasons of NCIS Are on Netflix?

Right now, Netflix is broadcasting 15 seasons of the show, starting with the first one. However, this number will soon change, as well as the order of the seasons. On June 30, Netflix will get rid of NCIS seasons 1 through 11, but will acquire some other seasons instead.

While the logic behind this change is a bit confusing, it's worth noting that NCIS remains one of the most popular shows among U.S. viewers, so it's highly unlikely that the platform will get rid of it entirely. By pulling 11 first seasons, Netflix is cutting off the audience that may be just getting into the show, but allowing those who haven't caught up in a while to stay.

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To make up for the sudden disappearance of the show's first decade, Netflix will add two more new seasons, which will air on TV during the 2018/19 and 2019/20 broadcast seasons.

In conclusion, as of June 30, the only seasons of NCIS available on Netflix will be seasons 12 through 17. Everything before and after that will likely only be available on Paramount Plus, so if you've been looking to start the show or are in the middle of it, you may want to consider switching platforms.

Is NCIS Renewed on CBS?

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CBS's most iconic procedural is still running and thriving on cable television. Even after the shortened season due to the effects of the 2023 strikes, NCIS has been renewed for its 22nd season. While there aren't many details about the season, fans believe the show will premiere this fall, after the 2024/25 broadcast season.

If you're interested in all the changes to Netflix's content in general, and NCIS seasons in particular, be sure to keep an eye out for all the news and behind-the-scenes updates.