NCIS Upcoming Spinoff Isn’t As Heartwarming As You May Expect

NCIS Upcoming Spinoff Isn’t As Heartwarming As You May Expect
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The family reunion may bring some serious trouble.

NCIS ’ Tony DiNozzo and Ziva David are coming back after a relatively short break from the original show, but they’re also bringing some major family drama along.

The long-standing franchise’s brand new spinoff NCIS: Tony & Ziva will follow its titular characters’ personal and professional paths after both of them eventually quit NCIS. Their storyline seemingly gets much more complicated once they become aware of the priorities they made for their family that got back together after years of separation.

Still, despite the show’s aim to catch the sweet reunion that fans have been waiting for all this time, there may be some significant tension, and it has something to do with the series’ new lead character.

There’s not so much to know about NCIS: Tony & Ziva’s storyline yet, but the upcoming spinoff is set to find its titular characters getting back together in Paris several years after Ziva was believed to be dead and Tony had no other choice but to leave NCIS to take care of his and Ziva’s young daughter Tali.

Now that there seems to be some kind of happy ending that brings Ziva back alive and reunites her with her daughter, things don’t seem to be that positive after some revelations made by the show’s lead actress.

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During the Monte Carlo press event, Ziva David’s actress Cote de Pablo made it clear that fans should expect some tension hovering over Tony and Ziva’s family after they all get back together.

According to her, Ziva’s fake death came as a big trauma for Tali who couldn’t just easily perceive the fact that her mother had come back safe and sound after years of complete silence.

The actress proceeded saying that Ziva’s sudden return is very likely to result in trust issues that Tali will develop regarding her mother, despite the latter’s attempts to be completely honest with her child by explaining the reasons why she would do such a thing. De Pablo then stopped herself from giving any more spoilers away by just stating that “you have a daughter who’s going to question the story.”

NCIS: Tony & Ziva is set to arrive at CBS sometime this fall.

Source: Variety