NCIS Spinoff Might Bring This Gone Character Back in a Weirdest Way Possible

NCIS Spinoff Might Bring This Gone Character Back in a Weirdest Way Possible
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Though it’s definitely not the character fans would want back.

The long-standing NCIS franchise won’t take too long to make a grand comeback to the screens as the police procedural universe is getting its original show’s season 22 accompanied by two brand new spinoffs that are set to arrive at approximately the same time on CBS later this year.

Both of the new shows have no more location-centered idea and will revolve exclusively around their main characters, with one of them bringing NCIS’ beloved couple Tony DiNozzo and Ziva David back to the franchise after their departure.

While not much is known about the upcoming spinoff titled NCIS: Tony & Ziva, the show’s actress might have hinted at one gone character’s potential return, though it’s surely not someone most fans would like to see again.

Ahead of NCIS: Tony & Ziva’s premiere in a few months, the show’s stars Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo, who portray Tony and Ziva respectively, still seem to be keeping themselves busy, as the duo recently kicked off their own podcast, Off Duty: An NCIS Rewatch, a sort of heartwarming nostalgia-coded project that reunites the actors with their former co-stars.

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The podcast hosts dedicated two latest episodes to NCIS’ most tragic storyline concerning Caitlin Todd’s death after being shot by terrorist Ari Haswari. Having discussed all the heartbreaking details with Caitlin’s actress Sasha Alexander, Weatherly and de Pablo turned to the other side and had Ari’s actor Rudolf Martin as their new guest star.

By the end of the episode, Martin made a curious confession stating that he often receives offers to audition for NCIS spinoffs, but he keeps turning them down as his character already showed up in the original show and, what’s more, even died there.

It didn’t take long for Ziva’s actress Cote de Pablo to come up with an idea for Martin’s appearance in one of the spinoffs, saying that Ari has chances to come back in case “he’s a ghost. That’s what I’m thinking… I don’t know, I think something just opened up potentially. There’s a little something that could be explored there.”

Such a suggestion wouldn’t come as something completely new for NCIS’ longtime fans given that the ghost appearance was already featured in the show and, ironically, it was Ari’s fault.

After the latter shot Caitlin Todd in the head while she was carrying out a mission in the season 2 finale, the beloved Special Agent in fact returned in the next installment as a ghost that could even talk to her colleagues that kept mourning Caitlin and seeing her visions for quite some time.

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Though bringing some characters back to the show in such a way is a pretty much possible option, chances are that Ari Haswari isn’t really a very frequent choice, given that he’s the one to hate for taking one of NCIS’ best characters away forever.

Source: Off Duty: An NCIS Rewatch