NCIS: Origins Now Has Another Challenge After Fixing Gibbs Problem

NCIS: Origins Now Has Another Challenge After Fixing Gibbs Problem
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The show needs to handle one more intriguing issue that has a lot to do with the characters’ biggest tragedy.

NCIS: Origins may have heard its future viewers’ prayers and finally fixed a big mistake in young Leroy Jethro Gibbs’s appearance that didn’t let the original show’s fans sleep well for months. However, it still has a lot of other issues that need to be addressed properly, and this time it has nothing to do with Gibbs' look.

Following the character’s career start at NCIS back in the 1990s, the upcoming show is set to finally give a sneak peek into Gibbs’ personal drama which will presumably be followed by yet another potential romance.

Coming as the first ever show in the NCIS franchise to be able to take the viewers back in time, NCIS: Origins will introduce a couple of new characters that, just like the ones that eventually made it to the original show, will have a major impact on the lead character’s career or personal life.

One of those newcomers is Agent Lala Dominguez, portrayed by Mariel Molino, Gibbs’ colleague for whom he has high chances to develop romantic feelings.

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Since the series will most likely kick its storyline off with Gibbs still recovering after his wife and daughter’s death, his potential romance with Lala can come as a way of healing or rather a bad decision that will aggravate Gibbs’ vulnerable position.

Additionally, his possible relationship with Lala will become a brand new detail in the character’s story in case they do get together.

Since NCIS fans already know that Gibbs has never been married to anyone named Lala, the show’s creators now have to come up with a working plan to make that romance compelling enough to watch, considering that NCIS has already given a major spoiler about Gibbs and Lala’s breakup (once again, should they begin dating in the first place).

However, the original show also proved that the character had actually never recovered entirely since he’d lost Shannon and Kelly, and this comes as one more aspect for NCIS: Origins to handle in a right way — otherwise Gibbs’ image will be ruined once and for all, and in this case his appearance will have nothing to do with it.