NCIS: Origins Episode 1 Title May Be a Huge Hint at Its Storyline Beginning

NCIS: Origins Episode 1 Title May Be a Huge Hint at Its Storyline Beginning
Image credit: CBS

The 1990s vibe is already here.

The upcoming NCIS spinoff, titled NCIS: Origins, will soon become the franchise’s pioneer as the first ever series to turn back time and take a closer look at Leroy Jethro Gibbs’ past as an NCIS rookie.

The show is still months away from finally landing on CBS presumably later this year, though the production has already kicked it off judging by one of the actors’ recent updates on social media. A single Instagram story hasn’t revealed any major detail, but one tiny hint at what the whole story will start with still has fans coming up with all possible suggestions for future plot twists.

A couple of days ago, NCIS: Origins actress Mariel Molino took to her social media to give the franchise’s fans a big update, posting a picture of her script for the first episode, thus announcing that the series’ production had already started.

Although the actress was careful enough to cover the following text with her hand, fans were quick to notice another intriguing detail, pointing out the first episode’s so far ambiguous title which goes as Enter Sandman.

Enter Sandman may appear to be a bunch of random words to many, but not to Metallica’s fans. The title of NCIS: Origins episode 1 is most likely a reference to the famous band’s song of the same name released back in 1991, the time where the upcoming show may pick Gibbs’ storyline up.

Some fans suggest that there’s no deep meaning behind this, as Gibbs can easily turn out to be a Metallica fan, though others still tried to dive deeper into the whole matter, linking the song’s themes to what might happen in the show’s first episode.

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Sandman is initially a folklore character, a very common one in Western European culture, who, according to the legend, sprinkles magical sand onto people and especially children’s eyes, putting them to sleep and creating beautiful dreams for them.

Basing their theories on this superstition, some of NCIS lovers now see it possible for NCIS: Origins to get started with Gibbs’ inability to sleep normally due to his nervous condition before starting a new job as an NCIS Special Agent at the Camp Pendleton office where he’s set to meet his mentor Mike Franks.

NCIS: Origins will premiere on CBS sometime this fall.