NCIS May Still Be Able to Pull Off This Impossible Crossover

NCIS May Still Be Able to Pull Off This Impossible Crossover
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Prepare for the nostalgia boost.

Even though NCIS has been at the top of its franchise this year, adding one of the most anticipated and least expected spinoffs to the mix, fans are already clamoring for more news. As Cote de Pablo and Michael Weatherly prepare to begin work on NCIS: Tony & Ziva this summer, fans are asking the creators more and more tricky questions.

Even though viewers only know the vague premise of the Tiva-centered spinoff, they're already raising their hopes for how it will coexist with other branches of the show. One thing that fans are particularly curious about is whether they can expect Tony & Ziva to eventually crossover with the original NCIS series.

NCIS: Tony & Ziva Crossovers

Even though it's not too surprising that NCIS fans are rooting for a crossover, given that the franchise has already had quite a few, the chances of it happening with the Tony & Ziva spinoff are very slim. In fact, the show is almost destined to remain a standalone, even if it gets renewed for season 2.

One of the main things that could keep NCIS and NCIS: Tony & Ziva from ever crossing paths is the fact that the latter show will be released exclusively on the Paramount Plus streaming platform. This means not only a completely separate production and logistics nightmare that the potential crossover could turn into, but also a smaller number of episodes.

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While the chances of the crossover are highly unlikely, and co-showrunner Steve D. Binder makes sure to point out the difficulties of making it work, there is still hope that the crew will come up with something for the loyal fans to enjoy:

“You know, that's been a long-running creative process, going through several incarnations of things…. Let's put it this way, I would love to. <...> I'm absolutely open to any ideas anybody has. They are totally welcome to show them to me and see what we can come up with,” he said to TVLine.

Another difficulty the writers will have to overcome is the geographical distance between the series. However, if the original team can afford a European vacation, this could make for a fun reunion with good old friends. On a more realistic note, they can always use a video call to stay in touch.

So keep your hopes up for what the producers might come up with. Until any news of the crossover drops, be sure to keep an eye out to not miss any NCIS season 22 and NCIS: Tony & Ziva production updates.

Source: TVLine