NCIS Fans Just Picked Show’s Biggest Villain, and It’s Not Who You Think

NCIS Fans Just Picked Show’s Biggest Villain, and It’s Not Who You Think
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There have been a lot of villains on NCIS, both big and small, but this one has captivated viewers the most.

True evil does not always wear masks and stalk teenagers at summer camps. It can hide behind a polished office suit or a greasy T-shirt, behind the friendly smile of a friend or an eccentric neighbor.

Real villains cannot be spotted from a distance or defeated in an intellectual duel — they will calculate their victim's every move in advance and corner them.

NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service has been on the air for 21 seasons and has had its share of heroes and villains. Who would you pick as the main villain of the series? Maybe Kyle Boone? Or more likely Ari Haswari? But fans have made their choice and it is neither.

Trent Kort Is NCIS' Biggest Villain, Fans Say

“[Trent] Kort is certainly the most interesting. Kind of Gibbs without the team or moral supervision. Kort’s back story would have been interesting,” Reddit user Entire-Garage-1902 wrote.

Ari Haswari may have been the show's most sinister villain, causing the team a lot of trouble, but the most charismatic and dangerous is undoubtedly Trent Kort.

Murder and torture, deception and bluff, and a willingness to sacrifice anything for his own interests — Trent may be far from Haswari's cold-bloodedness, but the balance with which he approaches his most heinous actions is no less terrifying.

The most dangerous thing about him, however, was how masterfully he worked both sides of the law as a CIA agent, and how he was able to keep even Gibbs in the dark for a long time.

Upcoming NCIS Prequel Could See Trent Kort Return

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Trent Kort, unlike Ari Haswari, became the villain that viewers hated, but wanted to see on screen to observe his ingeniously woven web of intrigue.

Perhaps we will still have that opportunity — on September 1, NCIS: Origins, a prequel to the original series, will be released. It will reveal more about the early years of Leroy Gibbs life and work. And maybe Trent Kort, played by David Dayan Fisher, will also return to the small screen.