Mike Myers's New Netflix Series 'The Pentaverate' Destroyed By Critics

Mike Myers's New Netflix Series 'The Pentaverate' Destroyed By Critics
Image credit: Legion-Media

It seems that Mike Myers' anticipated return to form has turned out to be a flop: critics destroyed the Netflix comedy series 'The Pentaverate' starring the legendary comedian.

The series will tell the story of a Canadian journalist (Myers) who finds himself at the center of a worldwide conspiracy involving secret societies and ancient legends. The 'Austin Powers' star plays several characters, using his trademark over-the-top personality, enhanced by comedic performances from Keegan-Michael Key and Ken Jeong.

It sounds great on paper, but, according to critics, the finished product is not worth the time spent on it. 'The Pentaverate ' currently has a 40% freshness rating on Rotten Tomatoes and looks like a big disappointment for Netflix.

Chicago Sun-Times' Richard Roeper slammed the series as "a profoundly unfunny series of sex and poop jokes," while Decider's Joel Keller concluded that "the longer we watch, we think the more painfully unfunny most of the gags are going to get."

However, some critics found Myers' performance deserving at least of some praise, as's Brian Tallerico noted that "the glimpses of Myers' undeniable skill almost make it work and might be just enough for those who have missed him so."

It seems that Myers' return was not as stellar as expected, and now the fate of the series depends on the fans.

'The Pentaverate' premiered on Netflix yesterday, May 5, 2022.