Michael Weatherly Gives an Intriguing Update on NCIS’ Upcoming Spinoff

Michael Weatherly Gives an Intriguing Update on NCIS’ Upcoming Spinoff
Image credit: Legion-Media, CBS

Seems like the couple’s adventures will be bigger than just a simple European trip.

NCIS ’ universe is getting closer to its triumphant comeback to the TV screens this fall as the franchise has seemingly kicked its shows’ production off, at least for one of them. CBS’ police procedural giant keeps playing big, expanding its universe with two more brand new spinoffs that will finally bring some of beloved characters back to the story.

One of the shows is set to follow NCIS’ Tony DiNozzo and Ziva David picking their storyline up after both of them quit the original series and left for Europe, though now it seems like their job may take them to some more exotic places.

The spinoff titled NCIS: Tony & Ziva will presumably see Ziva reuniting with Tony and their daughter in Paris, but there’s no sign of the French capital’s appearance yet. The show’s production seemingly started a while ago as Tony’s actor Michael Weatherly gave NCIS’ fans a huge update about how things are currently going for the spinoff posting a picture of himself on X.

The photo appears to prove that NCIS: Tony & Ziva’s plot won’t be limited to exquisite European landscapes as in the photo the actor is shown sunbathing with some wild plants and a mountain in the background.

Weatherly himself seemingly confirmed an exotic location’s presence in the show by the picture’s caption that says “Getting ready to begin the adventure… #ncisverse #tony&ziva #desert.”

NCIS creators recently unveiled some more details about the upcoming series stating that Tony and Ziva will now be carrying out dangerous missions somewhere in Europe, mostly in Bucharest and Paris, but the production will take place all across the continent during this summer.

NCIS: Tony & Ziva is set to arrive at CBS this fall, accompanied by the original show’s season 22 and the franchise’s other spinoff titled NCIS: Origins.

Source: X