MCU's Echo Series Under Fire After a Controversial Scoop

MCU's Echo Series Under Fire After a Controversial Scoop
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Are there reasons to be skeptical about Echo?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is getting bigger and bigger. They keep bringing in new characters in almost every new movie and especially in TV shows.

Fans of the MCU are eagerly waiting for some of the upcoming TV shows such as Loki season 2 or Daredevil: Born Again. But let’s be honest, some of the Marvel series set to release on Disney Plus really make us wonder if we really needed them.

Echo is exactly this type of series. Maya Lopez (Echo) first appeared in another Disney Plus TV show — Hawkeye, and was portrayed by Alaqua Cox. The series is expected to be released on November 29, 2023 if it is not affected by the ongoing writers and actors strike.

Echo is not exactly a super hyped-up show, but the recent scoop from the insider CanWeGetSomeToast didn't do it any favors, for sure.

The insider revealed in their Instagram that Maya, the protagonist of the series, will gain a second power — sharpshooting abilities.

But that's not all; when Maya uses these powers, she will manifest the same gun as the ancestor empowering her. This power will be symbolized by different Choctaw tattoos.

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The scoop has sparked a heated debate on Reddit, with fans expressing mixed feelings about this new development. Some fans are disappointed, feeling that Marvel is straying too far from the street-level, non-powered characters they expected Echo to be.

They argue that not every character needs to have flashy superpowers, and that a more grounded story would be more compelling.

On the other hand, some fans are intrigued by the new powers and are looking forward to seeing how they will be portrayed in the series. However, the overall sentiment seems to lean towards a desire for a more grounded story and character.

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That’s true. The grounded and realistic narrative is exactly why fans loved the Marvel TV shows aired on Netflix ( Daredevil, in particular) and it is also one of the reasons fans are worried about the upcoming Disney Plus’ Daredevil: Born Again.

While the new powers for Maya in the Echo series led to a backlash from fans who prefer more grounded, it remains to be seen how the series will handle these powers and whether it will be able to win over the skeptical fans.

Are you hyped for Echo?

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