Mayor Of Kingstown Follows Yellowstone’s Lead (In a Bad Way)

Mayor Of Kingstown Follows Yellowstone’s Lead (In a Bad Way)
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Kingstown will be back with more mayhem.


  • Mayor of Kingstown is a Paramount Plus television drama that follows the life of Kingstown, a fictional company town built around the prison.
  • Since its premiere, the show has received radically mixed reviews, with the first season receiving a 35% rating from critics and a 90% rating from viewers on Rotten Tomatoes.
  • The show was renewed for a third season in September 2023, and is now rounding out its cast.

If you have followed Taylor Sheridan 's previous work, you know that his projects have never been able to escape controversy. Co-created with Hugh Dillon under the Paramount Plus umbrella, Mayor of Kingstown was no different. If anything, the show managed to outshine Yellowstone in a number of mixed reviews.

The show with a strong premise failed to impress critics with its execution. Audiences, on the other hand, made Mayor of Kingstown a runaway success, boosting the show's ratings to 90% for the first season and 93% for the second.

Now in the midst of production for season 3, fans can only hope that the show doesn't change its pace. Fortunately for viewers, the backbone of the cast, Jeremy Renner, will continue to star as Mike McLusky. Hugh Dillon, Tobi Bamtefa, Taylor Handley, Emma Laird, Derek Webster, Hamish Allan-Headley and Nishi Munshi will also return to their roles.

But that doesn't mean there won't be any changes to the cast.

Mayor of Kingstown Season 3 New Actors

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If you enjoyed Michael Beach's performance as the recurring character of prison guard Captain Kareem Moore, you're in for a treat in season 3. The mayor of Kingstown has promoted the actor to series regular, which means we'll get to see more of Captain Moore's storyline.

Not only that, but three newcomers will be joining the cast as recurring characters for an upcoming season. Richard Brake, who you may know as Game of Thrones ' infamous Night King, will be joining the show to portray Merle Callahan, an Aryan Shot Caller who's now serving a life sentence.

Denny Love, who starred as Chip 'The Colonel' Martin in an adaptation of John Greene's novel Looking for Alaska, will appear as Kevin Jackson, a rookie prison guard just learning the ropes.

Rounding out the cast, Paula Malcomson will play Kingstown resident Anna Fletcher, who will have a request to fulfill for Jeremy Renner's Mile. The actress has starred in such critically acclaimed shows as Deadwood, Lost and Sons of Anarchy, so she will be a valuable addition to the cast of Mayor of Kingstown.

Right now, Mayor of Kingstown season 3 is filming in Pittsburgh. To see where the show will take all its characters in an upcoming season, keep an eye out for more exciting news and behind-the-scenes updates to not miss a single detail.

Source: Deadline