Matt Damon Roasts Superhero Movies: 'They Fight Three Times, and the Good Person Wins'

Matt Damon Roasts Superhero Movies: 'They Fight Three Times, and the Good Person Wins'
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The Jason Bourne star shared his brutally honest opinion on superhero franchises, shattering all hopes of him ever joining either Marvel or DC for good.

Superhero franchises have been dominating global cinema for over a dozen years now, and regardless of personal opinions, they are objectively the biggest and most powerful forces on the market. Superhero movies have the biggest budgets, turn the largest profits, and get watched by the most people — that’s just the situation we’re in.

However, this doesn’t mean that everyone loves superhero franchises. While they’re indisputably very popular and have a massive audience, many people are either indifferent or hostile toward them — and even those who used to go to theaters for every new MCU movie are growing tired of them. Superhero fatigue is blossoming.

Despite that, major superhero franchises keep expanding, and having new big-name actors join them is always useful. Many A-listers try their hands at the superhero game: some like it and stay, boosting their franchise’s popularity, and others get disappointed and leave. And some…don’t even want to try. Like, at all.

There have been many speculations about Matt Damon joining either Marvel or DC, but admittedly, the actor belongs to the latter group: he’s not a fan of superheroes.

“There is the rise of the superhero movie, right? They’re easy for everyone. You know who the good person is and who the bad person is. They fight three times, and the good person wins twice. This narrative is indeed easy to follow, but it does not necessarily make the story a good one nor one that’s culturally and socially important,” the actor shared during his interview with The Times.

We can definitely see where Damon was coming from, but many fans were quite upset with his words — superhero fans, that is. Without a doubt, these harsh words in retrospect also mean that Matt Damon won’t be joining either the MCU or the DCU, and that kind of shuts down numerous fan casts with the actor.

Do you agree with Matt Damon’s words?

Source: The Times