Marvel’s Worst Movie Ever With 11% Tomatometer Lands on Netflix This Tuesday

Marvel’s Worst Movie Ever With 11% Tomatometer Lands on Netflix This Tuesday
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The movie might still have a second chance, but the ratings say it all.


  • With Marvel not having its best times amid all the criticism, the company’s latest installment was supposed to be some kind of the light at the end of the tunnel, but instead it made the whole situation even worse.
  • The superhero movie starring Dakota Johnson was released back in February and came as a part of Sony’s Spider-Man Universe.
  • The film was later on heavily criticized for literally all its aspects, including poor performances delivered by the actors.

With all the harsh criticism that Marvel has faced within the last several months, it seems like the overall backlash wasn’t enough for the superhero giant.

Trying to expand their already vast enough universes to deal with accusations of lack of creativity, the MCU had indeed high hopes for its Spider-Man-ish new installment Madame Web starring Hollywood’s big stars like Dakota Johnson and Sydney Sweeney.

Though the movie still was completely crushed by a record number of critics and moviegoers, Madame Web might have a chance to be reconsidered as the superhero film is set to soon arrive on Netflix.

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Released as a part of Sony’s Spider-Man Universe back in February, Madame Web follows paramedic Cassandra Webb who finds out about her ability to see into the future after she experiences a scary accident at work.

Realizing that she can potentially use her power for good, Cassie dives deep into her own past while trying to save three young women who in the future may become Spider-Women.

Having around $60 million wasted on marketing under its belt, Madame Web was first described as a suspense thriller, but most of the critics and viewers didn’t agree with this, calling the movie one of the worst and most embarrassing comic book adaptations of all time.

Even potential box office success wasn’t meant to make it to Madame Web’s list of merits as the film ended up garnering around $100 million with the initial budget of $80 million. Several months after a poor performance in the world theaters, Madame Web still possesses a miserable score of 11% from the critics and 57% from the audience.

Apart from the overall criticism concerning the movie’s weird plot, Madame Web also got the heat for its actors’ unexpectedly mediocre performances, including the ones delivered by Dakota Johnson and Sydney Sweeney who are mostly praised for their acting skills demonstrated on screen.

The chances are they indeed foresaw the movie’s unenviable position in the future after all, but some may still discern some more of Madame Web’s upsides when Netflix drops it for free streaming on May 14.