Lucifer Writers Ruined the Character With Most Potential on Purpose

Lucifer Writers Ruined the Character With Most Potential on Purpose
Image credit: Netflix

And it was such a painful watch.

When a new series arrives on a streaming platform, it’s easy to predict whether or not it’s going to be a hit. If the show has a hot leading star, it’s a done deal: the show will certainly be a success among the viewers.

It’s even better when the show has two hot leading stars, but the combo happens when the premise of the series is also something unusual. So when Lucifer premiered, it was clear there’s no way the show would be left unnoticed.

At the center of the story there’s an enigmatic character named Lucifer Morningstar, who left Hell in order to have some fun in the City of Angels. Lucifer is played by the hottest Welsh actor, Tom Ellis, who adds certain charisma to the character.

Alongside him there’s another complex character, Detective Chloe Decker, played by Lauren German. The show premiered on Fox in 2016, but was dropped by the network after season 3, and Netflix picked it up for three more seasons in 2019.

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The show is sort of a crime drama, but with a lot of supernatural stuff going on. Well, it’s only natural when your leading guy is literally the Devil. But the thing that makes all the fans of the show a little sad is that in the middle of the series, we kind of lose the second lead’s story altogether.

The thing is, when the show started, Chloe was a complex character with a lot of thoughts, with passion towards her work. It was quite interesting to observe her even in the scenes where there was no Lucifer at all. But as the story unfolds, the guy from hell made it all about himself. Or rather, the show’s writers did that.

“Chloe is quite a complex character, but the writers didn't do her any favors. She's supposed to be the main character, but unlike Lucifer, her point of view is rarely shown on screen, so the viewer is forced to read between the lines,” Redditor Klamika said.

It seemed that the writers got so carried away with all the Heaven-related stuff, that they forgot the main story of the series. And when they didn’t know what else to create for the character, they just turned her into a prize for the male lead.

Still, German gave a perfect performance and made Chloe a memorable character. And if you need to be reminded of that, Lucifer is available to stream on Netflix.