'Love, Death + Robots' is Back With a New Trailer, And Expectations are High

'Love, Death + Robots' is Back With a New Trailer, And Expectations are High
Image credit: Netflix

After the first season success 'Love, Death + Robots' animated anthology offered fans a pretty questionable and shortened season 2. Now, fans hope that the series will bring back the best for season 3.

Volume 3 of 'Love, Death and Robots ' premieres on May 20, and until then, we can pass the time with a new trailer.

There are a lot of expectations for this one, with fans tentatively hoping that season 3 will fix mistakes of season 2 but still bring that energy we all loved in the beginning.

One of the things that disappointed fans in season 2 was a shortened number of just eight episodes. Well, volume 3 seems to showcase at least nine stories, so technically it's already better.

The new trailer seems to be rich in aggressive animals: we can expect giant killer crabs on a ship that gives out some Davy Jones vibes, some kind of glowing cave spiders, rats with their own army, and a large bear-like monster that is being shot by a bunch of people.

And it is spiced up with a cover of Beethoven's Für Elise.

Needless to say, everyone is hyped.

Hey, look who's back!

Some people really want the new season to be better than the previous one.

Among the surprises that await us in the new season is David Fincher's directorial debut in animation. He is behind episode 2, titled 'Bad Travelling'. Other names on the directors list are Patrick Osborne, Tim Miller, Jennifer Yuh Nelson, Jerome Chen.

Netflix 's animated anthology first premiered in 2019, garnering a lot of critical accolades, with eleven Emmy wins on top of that. With the bar being set this high, season 2 was a bit disappointing for many fans. On May 20, we'll get to know how well season 3 does.