Let's Get Real, Modern Family's Phil Dunphy Would Be The Worst Husband IRL

Let's Get Real, Modern Family's Phil Dunphy Would Be The Worst Husband IRL
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That’s not a man, but a walking-talking red flag.


  • Modern Family was a hit Fox sitcom that ran from 2009 to 2020.
  • One of the characters, Phil Dunphy, was considered one of the best husbands on television.
  • However, some fans argue that he would not be such a good husband in real life.

While some dream of copying the relationships they've seen in fiction in real life, others argue that any form of art doesn't have to meet the demands of reality. It all depends on the viewer's perspective, as some are looking for inspiration, while others are looking for an escape from everyday formalities.

Wouldn't it be nice if dating was as easy (or as cheesy) as romantic comedies make it out to be? Wouldn't it be fun to attend a Regency ball instead of cooking and cleaning all night after work? Wouldn't it be a dream to get a letter from Hogwarts instead of another spam email?

We tend to project what we like from the screen into our real lives and get lost in our own imaginary scenarios of how things would be. Even the much chillier shows attract their viewers with that little extra layer of polish that reality desperately lacks. Modern Family, for example, picks up the tab for all those people struggling with their own family lives.

Phil Dunphy Is The Worst Modern Family Character

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Starting with the least of Phil's offenses, he's a manchild. While it may add a little fun to your relationship at first, it must be absolutely exhausting to constantly deal with a man who cannot act on his own. No wonder women in such relationships usually don't want children – they are already married to one.

He has no authority within the family, nor does he seek to establish it. He doesn't pander to toxic masculinity stereotypes and lets his sensitive side out a lot, which is good, but the relationship with him is hardly equal. He gets to enjoy life with little to no responsibility, while Claire takes care of everyone, both emotionally and physically.

Another thing, that could make any marriage impossible, is Phil's obsession with Gloria.

While the fact that she's the wife of his wife's father makes the situation even worse, it could be any other woman in her place, and the emotional devotion would be just as bad. Not only was it creepy of him to continue to pursue a married woman, but it was also sad to see his real wife left out all the time.

So the next time you think how great it would be to have your own Phil Dunphy to guide you through life, think again. Maybe that is for the best, because the reality we live in is so different from a sitcom. But if you are still looking for a good source of laughs, you can binge watch Modern Family on Hulu.