Kevin Costner's Horizon: How Many Parts Are There?

Kevin Costner's Horizon: How Many Parts Are There?
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The real question is, how many parts will actually be released.

If you’re a huge Yellowstone fan, you probably hate the first Horizon even if you haven’t seen it. The saga about the exploration of the American West has taken over our favorite actor who is now fully into it, but his appetites can be reduced by the harsh truth of life.

The first movie of this franchise was released on June 28, and it became a box office bomb. It has managed to earn only $22 million for now, and if we take its budget of approximately $100 million into account, it’s quite an alarming theatrical debut (and we’re not talking about its shameful score of 48% on Rotten Tomatoes).

Costner’s Territory Pictures and their distribution partner New Line Cinema have recently announced that the release of the second film is now postponed “in order to give audiences a greater opportunity to discover the first installment of Horizon.”

The point is Costner was hoping to release the second chapter seven weeks after the first one, on August 16. However, given the current failure at the box office this decision seems quite doubtful, as they need to attract yet more viewers for the first flick.

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It’d be a fair question how many films Horizon will include in these circumstances, as it’s ridiculous to make more films for a franchise that isn’t successful. Nevertheless, while we’re not given the release date of Horizon 2 and other commentaries about the series’ future, Costner is not going to give up too quickly.

We have already reported that the filmmaker had started shooting Chapter 3, hoping to return to Cannes with it next year, and the fourth film is also in development.

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The idea to stretch out Horizon for four movies definitely seems like a fairy tale, and we doubt that the Yellowstone star has enough money to invest in all of them (it’s insane he put $38 million of his own money into Chapter 1).

While we’re far from seeing the rest of the franchise, it might become one of the most disastrous projects in cinema history.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter