Keanu Reeves Returning as Constantine Might Save the DCEU From Falling Apart

Keanu Reeves Returning as Constantine Might Save the DCEU From Falling Apart
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And most importantly, will his John be able to fit into the universe?

With the DCEU currently not going through its best time, the return of Keanu Reeves ' John Constantine might be exactly what Papa Midnite ordered. Even though the movie sequel announcement 17 years later was a surprise, a lot of people are actually excited about what Reeves' take on the character can do after all this time.

Naturally, many people suggested that there are plans to introduce Reeves' John Constantine into the DCEU, now that the Hellblazer show by JJ Abrams seems to be dead. Even though Reeves is nowhere near the comic canon, his character might fit right into the DCEU and its overall grim tone. His Constantine's cynism and the general tone seem to not be of great contrast to what we have already seen in the DCEU.

Moreover, now that the DCEU is embattled with a slew of scandals and uncertainty, a new but at the same time iconic and familiar character could be something to stick to. The issue of combining the two worlds also does not seem to be a great problem.

"I don't think Constantine 2005 existing contradicts DCEU in any way if they decide to have Constantine 2 link to the overall franchise. Constantine could've been here the entire time." – @AjepArts

What does seem to be a problem, however, is the way fans have already grown attached to another version of Constantine – Matt Ryan 's comic-accurate blonde British exorcist. Despite respect and love for Keanu, not every DCEU fan is ready to accept him as the DCEU Constantine.

"I enjoyed that keaunstantine movie for what it was but it was a terrible adaptation and I'm pretty sure no Hellblazer fan actually wants him to be the DCEU's Constantine." – @Queener_Weener

It's also a question of time and creativity whether the DC execs will be able to combine superheroes and supernatural elements in a compelling way, but if they decided to go for it, they would not be the only ones, as Marvel Studios is officially incorporating the iconic vampire hunter, Blade, into the MCU.

As of now, little is known about the upcoming "Keanustantine" sequel aside from the fact that the original director Francis Lawrence is also set to return. That being said, it is also unknown whether Reeves' Constantine is going to be a part of the DCEU. Despite the possibility of the edgy exorcist siding with the Justice League, the movie might as well end up as some sort of a standalone thing, like Todd Phillips' 'Joker '.