Keanu Reeves’ Highest Grossing Movie Is Neither John Wick Nor Matrix

Keanu Reeves’ Highest Grossing Movie Is Neither John Wick Nor Matrix
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That’s right, it seems like heroic stuff doesn’t work that much.

When talking about their favorite Hollywood actors, people usually mention the best works of their lives and the iconic performances they gave in highly praised movies. But some people still look deeper and try to choose not only a talented professional as their favorite actor, but a kind person as well.

Needless to say, none other than Keanu Reeves has the reputation of being a modest, kind and scandal-free Hollywood star. For many years we have witnessed him being nothing but polite to all the people around, living a simple life and trying to keep all attention from his personal life to his work.

Yes, Keanu Reeves seems to be a perfect human being, but he is also an excellent actor. The man made a ton of fans after starring in the Matrix franchise as Neo in the late 90s. Later, he also made a name for himself after starting the John Wick franchise.

Both of the franchises were quite popular among the viewers and made a lot of money. But none of the movies entered the $1 billion box office club. But there was one that actually made it, and you wouldn't even dare to guess which one is that…

Quite unexpectedly, a franchise movie that actually surpassed $1 billion in box office was Toy Story 4, which was released in 2019. In the film, Reeves voices a stuntman named Duke Caboom. It was a new character in the franchise's legacy and made quite an impression on audiences.

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Inspired by a fictional version of Evel Knievel, Duke Caboom is one of the new toys Woody encounters in his efforts to rescue Forky from Gabby Gabby. Canada's greatest stuntman is a friend and ally of Bo Peep, who still lives in the antique store where Forky is being held captive.

As we see their relationship on screen, it's safe to assume that Duke and Bo may have had a romantic past (similar to that of Bo and Woody). And thanks to Keanu Reeves' brilliant voice acting, Duke's charm is enough to turn him into one of the most beloved characters of the latest Toy Story installment.

“Duke Caboom is suddenly my new favorite Toy Story character. Even though there were no discernible Bill & Ted references in that character, he's still my new favorite now. The reason why I brought up Bill & Ted is because Keanu Reeves also played the role of Ted in Bill & Ted movies. But I did however see Duke Caboom's resemblance to Evel Knievel,” Redditor SupremoZanne said.

Toy Story 4 is available to stream on Disney+ if you feel nostalgic.