Josh Brolin Still Salty About Embarrassing $47M DC Western Flop

Josh Brolin Still Salty About Embarrassing $47M DC Western Flop
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The actor has been throwing shade at Jonah Hex for more than a decade, but he no longer blames the director for the disaster.


  • 2010's Jonah Hex remains one of the worst movies based on DC Comics, as it was panned by critics and fans and flopped at the box office
  • Josh Brolin, who portrayed the titular character, has been vocal about his hatred for the movie, partially blaming director Jimmy Hayward
  • Now, the actor has slightly changed his position, as though he still despises the film, he has reassessed his opinion of Hayward

Long before the DCU began its long (and rather unfortunate) journey with 2013's Man of Steel, there had already been countless movies based on DC Comics characters.

Some of them, like Christopher Nolan 's Batman trilogy starting with 2005's Batman Begins, were absolutely brilliant, while others, like 2004's Catwoman, turned out to be absolutely dreadful.

Jonah Hex Remains One of the Worst DC Movies Ever Made

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Jonah Hex, a 2010 superhero western film directed by Jimmy Hayward and based on the titular DC Comics antihero portrayed by Josh Brolin, unfortunately falls into the latter category as it was an absolute disaster.

Set in the late 19th century, the story followed former Confederate soldier Jonah Hex, who, after being betrayed by his former comrades, acquires mystical powers and becomes a ruthless bounty hunter bent on avenging his family.

The film spectacularly flopped at the box office, earning just $11 million against a $47 million budget, and was completely panned by both critics and fans, still holding an embarrassing 12% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Josh Brolin Still Absolutely Hates the Movie

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Brolin has been pretty vocal about his distaste for the movie over the course of more than a decade now, and has placed some of the blame on the director.

In 2023, the actor told Variety that he believed they made a huge mistake in choosing Jimmy Hayward, who, despite being very enthusiastic about the project, simply lacked the experience to make the project work.

However, the actor admitted that he was also to blame, as it was his "bad choice" to pick Hayward in the first place.

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Now, during his recent interview with GQ, Brolin stated that he has changed his point of view after having a conversation with the filmmaker not too long ago, which resulted in Hayward apologizing for "his part in the mess."

He also told Brolin that he now has bone cancer, which has caused him to undergo several surgeries, another factor in the actor's reevaluation of his position, realizing that he can't just "keep shi****g on somebody."

Still, his stance on the movie in general hasn't changed, as he still sees the flick as a dark spot in his career.

Fans have mixed feelings about the whole situation, as while Jonah Hex was awful, it didn't justify Brolin throwing shade at the filmmaker for over ten years and only suddenly stopping when Hayward was diagnosed with cancer.

The actor's most recent big screen appearance comes in Dune: Part Two, which will be released on March 1, 2024.

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