Joker 2 Is Still Very Much About Music — With At Least 15 Very Famous Songs Covered

Joker 2 Is Still Very Much About Music — With At Least 15 Very Famous Songs Covered
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Despite not being a musical as it is, the upcoming film will have some touch of nostalgia reprising popular old songs.


  • After Joker 2: Folie à Deux’s test screenings many people seem to confirm that the upcoming film isn’t entirely a musical, but it still contains a lot of music and even some covers of very famous songs.
  • Some insiders called Joker 2 a jukebox musical — a kind of film that usually has big success in the box office and then at the awards season.
  • The plot of the movie will reportedly revolve around musical therapy sessions at Arkham Asylum.

While Joker 2: Folie à Deux is quite far from being released — the film will hit cinemas this October — some people have already seen Todd Phillips’s highly anticipated film at the test screening. And though they unanimously wouldn’t call Joker 2 a real musical, the music itself is still there — and brings along some very well-known songs.

Some insiders who have seen the movie and then talked to Variety called the sequel “mostly a jukebox musical” as it has reinterpretation of at least 15 famous songs, including Judy Garland’s That’s Entertainment.

So far there’s not so much to say about other songs that are featured in the film, but insiders also add that there may be 1 or 2 original songs recorded for the movie specifically.

Joker 2 Is Still Very Much About Music — With At Least 15 Very Famous Songs Covered - image 1

Besides, Joker 2’s first reviews describing it as a jukebox musical are already partially confirming many people’s high expectations, as movies like this — for example, Mamma Mia! or Moulin Rouge! — usually manage to hit the box office and sometimes even sweep the awards season.

Meanwhile Todd Phillips has recently confirmed himself that many other cinematic masterpieces served him as sources of inspiration, with several of them being Scorsese’s Taxi Driver and New York, New York, as well as Francis Ford Coppola’s One from the Heart and Liza Minelli’s musicals like That’s Entertainment! and Cabaret.

Joker 2: Folie à Deux doesn’t reveal any additional plot details, but will apparently show Joaquin Phoenix ’s Joker getting together with Harley Quinn portrayed by Lady Gaga and, reportedly, get focused on musical therapy sessions back in Arkham Asylum.

Source: Variety