Joe Keery Reveals Why He Was Happy to Be Done With Fargo

Joe Keery Reveals Why He Was Happy to Be Done With Fargo
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It was a tough journey.

While audiences can always recognize brilliant acting, they don't necessarily know how much effort the actors put into bringing their favorite characters to life. Preparation often goes beyond reading the script and memorizing lines. To be believable, many actors must delve deeply into their characters.

This, combined with the everyday complications of life, can be too much for anyone to handle. Joe Keery, who gave one of the best performances in the fifth installment of the anthology series Fargo, was very happy when he had the chance to let go of his character.

Who Does Joe Keery Play in Fargo?

The young actor's career may have been launched by Netflix 's sci-fi thriller Stranger Things, but it has been given another boost by his appearance on FX's Fargo. And while Steve Harrington and Gator Tillman both know their way around a bat, the characters could not be more different.

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Speaking to Variety, Keery admitted that his role as a traumatized sheriff’s son Gator turned out to be a much harder commitment than he expected. Not only was the actor struggling with his personal life and feeling isolated after a major breakup, but he also had to physically prepare for the role, which was a new experience.

Did Joe Keery Hate Fargo?

However, it wasn't a diet or workout routine that made Fargo's Gator such a tough role, but his dark arc in the season and a whole lot of insecurities that Keery had to carry with him in order to perfectly capture every emotion on screen. It's no wonder the actor was eager to wrap up the season.

“Sitting in that for six months, at the end of it, you’re kind of happy to leave it behind. I thought of him as a guy that really didn’t understand how he presented himself — how it came off versus how he thought it did. He’s really not very self-aware and is kind of humorless,” Keery explained.

The actor's feelings for Stranger Things, however, are not quite the same. The show's finale will be emotional for everyone involved, considering how many years the actors, as well as the viewers, have been attached to these characters. But all good things must come to an end, and one of Netflix's biggest hits is no exception.

If you're curious about where the final season of Stranger Things will take its characters and what the final battle will look like, keep an eye out for more news and updates on the season 5 premiere date. Until then, you can stream Fargo season 5 on Hulu.

Source: Variety