Jim Parsons Struggled to Keep It Together Filming TBBT's Emotional Scene

Jim Parsons Struggled to Keep It Together Filming TBBT's Emotional Scene
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Sheldon Cooper may be the one who can hold back his emotions, but Jim Parsons definitely is not.

The Big Bang Theory has become one of the greatest sitcoms of our time. And there are many reasons for that: the brilliant cast, the hilarious jokes, the complex storylines, and even some real moments of drama.

For example, the fans were absolutely amazed by how the series ended and even found a deeper meaning in that.

"The finale was amazing and I loved it. Basically these people are living their lives like they always did no matter what goes on. So Sheldon and Amy won the Nobel prize; they still live in the apartment across the hall. So Penny and Leonard are going to be parents. They still are the same people they were yesterday. Basically the more things change the more they stay the same," Reddit user overly_curious_cat said.

But the most observant fans of The Big Bang Theory found something else that happened in the final scene of the last episode.

They noticed that Jim Parsons almost choked up while giving his acceptance speech and celebrating his friends. Especially when it came time to mention Howard.

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As we all remember, for 12 seasons there was always a struggle between Sheldon and Howard, as the former never acknowledged Wollowitz's professional status and always mocked him for having only a master's degree.

But in the end, when Parson's character finally realizes that Howard is one of his best friends and really is a professional, he proudly calls him an astronaut, almost holding back tears.

That moment is very emotional also for Simon Helberg, who played Howard. As it was important for him to be appreciated by his friend.

Actually, every cast member in that scene was really sad because it was really the end of an era for them.

Being together for 279 episodes really brought them close and made them care for each other like a real family.

So no wonder there were tears!