Jason Blum Teases A New 'Elm Street' Movie With Robert Englund

Jason Blum Teases A New 'Elm Street' Movie With Robert Englund
Image credit: Legion-Media

It looks like Freddy Krueger may return in the foreseeable future, scarring teenagers for life all over again.

Jason Blum, the maestro of producing all things horror, is considered one of the most important people working in genre cinema today, producing dozens of films every year. And now, it seems, the powerhouse creator has his eye on the iconic horror franchise 'A Nightmare on Elm Street', opting to make a sequel of sorts. And that's not surprising – given Robert Englund 's stellar performance in the 'Stranger Things ' season 4, millions of fans are desperate to see their favorite actor in his trademark knife gloves again.

Speaking to Screen Rant, Blum expressed confidence that he would be able to bring Englund back for the role of the iconic villain, citing another stellar casting call he made just recently.

"I could make him come back. I can get anyone back. I mean, Ellen Burstyn was 87, and I got her back in The Exorcist. Yeah, 75 – he's young," Blum said.

In general, fans are skeptical of Blum's idea, slightly accusing the producer of trying to cash in on another author's creation. Blumhouse Productions owns a large number of original IPs, and many feel that Blum should focus on them rather than remakes.

"New Nightmare wrapped up Englund’s Freddy the respectful and proper way. No need for a reboot, remake or a cash grab. Whatever a studio wants to call it. Create something new and original that can be remanufactured and exploited by @blumhouse at a later date." – @DoctorBruce.

Others are not so harsh, simply wanting to see Englund as Freddie one last time, even if the final material will not be too impressive.

"Well now needs to be the time before it gets way too late and even now it's pretty late to do so but feel it's not way too late yet. We need Robert to portray Freddy atleast one more time. It's hard to find a replacement actor for Freddy when Robert brought the role to life." – @NorthKitten.