Jared Padalecki Gives Big Yes to Supernatural Revival

Jared Padalecki Gives Big Yes to Supernatural Revival
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Is the family business back?


  • Despite never being officially announced, the Supernatural revival has been making headlines recently
  • Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki have sparked the rumors themselves, but the Sam Winchester star has now made things a lot clearer
  • According to Padalecki, Supernatural revival is only a matter of timing

It will soon be 5 years since Supernatural has ended with a finale that was not exactly a good closure for all fans. Frankly speaking, the final episode of season 15 was so infuriating for the majority of fans that they are actually looking forward to Supernatural rebooting — at least to fix the many mistakes season 15 made.

Now, Jared Padalecki, who portrayed Sam Winchester in the show, has come forward to suddenly confirm that he is absolutely on board with reviving the iconic show.

Moreover, the claims that Jensen Ackles, the Dean Winchester actor, is also game — but the two feel "so strongly" about Supernatural that they don't want to do it "just to do it" for the sake of new content. Which is why the duo has to map out their schedules first.

"My short answer is it’s not a consideration, the answer is yes . I just don’t know when I’m available. I don’t know when he’s available. But again, my answer is yes,” Padalecki told Collider.

What Has Jensen Ackles Said About Supernatural Revival?

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Jensen Ackles has not been so eager to fully confirm his future involvement, but he did mention that he would be ready to return to Supernatural — after some well-deserved rest from monster hunting, of course.

"Touching on rebooting 'Supernatural,' yeah, I don't think that was something -- I don't think Jared and I hung up the boots, so to speak, as a permanent move. It was more of like, 15 years, we need to just press pause," Ackles noted, speaking to CinePOP.

To be fair, Ackles has already dipped his toes back into the world of the iconic CW horror show — back in 2022, he exec produced and starred in the Supernatural spinoff The Winchesters, which, however, didn't prove to be successful enough to even get renewed for a second season.

Is Misha Collins Ready to Return to Supernatural?

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When it comes to the third most important character in the Supernatural universe, angel Castiel portrayed by Misha Collins, it's even more difficult.

Even though Collins did make waves in the Supernatural fandom on April 1, when he ticked the nerves of fans by jokingly taking a jab at Eric Kripke for not inviting him to a Supernatural reboot.

Naturally, his explosive post turned to be nothing more than an April Fools Day prank, but it certainly looks like Collins would be happy to get involved should Supernatural indeed get a reboot officially.

Currently, however, there have been no announcements on the matter. But boy Jensen and Jared know what they're doing!

Source: Collider, CinePOP