Jake Gyllenhaal’s 68%-Rated Sci-Fi Horror Movie Is Coming to Netflix in July

Jake Gyllenhaal’s 68%-Rated Sci-Fi Horror Movie Is Coming to Netflix in July
Image credit: Sony Pictures Releasing

Despite a star-studded cast, the movie still turned out to be a flop, but the streaming might make some changes.

Netflix continues its long-standing tradition of dropping more and more flicks and shows from previous years, filling its already infinite collection up, and next month will mark yet another arrival of a movie starring Jake Gyllenhaal.

The streaming has recently welcomed the Gyllenhaal-led thriller Nocturnal Animals and is set to add a 2017 sci-fi horror with the actor in the leading role in July.

Also starring Rebecca Ferguson and Ryan Reynolds, Daniel Espinosa’s movie titled Life follows three astronauts and the rest of the crew aboard the International Space Station who succeed in finding evidence of extraterrestrial life on Mars.

The seemingly exciting discovery turns into the crew members’ worst nightmare as they realize that the life-form they have been exploring is much more intelligent and dangerous than anyone could have ever imagined.

Initially released back in 2017, Life had all the high hopes from its creators due to the movie’s intriguing storyline and star-packed cast, though eventually things turned out to be worse than expected. Life never got to be a box office hit, earning only $58 million against the budget of $100 million thus bringing its crew material losses instead of all the benefits.

On top of that, the movie didn’t really impress either critics or viewers, landing average scores of 68% and 54% respectively on Rotten Tomatoes. Unexpectedly, even the main cast got the heat with many critics saying that none of the film’s actors managed to grasp their characters’ essence.

Despite all the harsh criticism, not everything is that bad for the seven-year-old flick as now it is getting a real second chance with Netflix viewers. Given that the audience usually shows their appreciation for Netflix’s release of old movies, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Life make to the streaming’s top 10 at some point after it finally lands on the platform.

Life will be available for streaming on Netflix starting from July 1.