Is Stormfront Really Dead? Here's What 'The Boys' Showrunner Has To Say

Is Stormfront Really Dead? Here's What 'The Boys' Showrunner Has To Say
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Amazon's biggest original show has just begun its third season, and the death of Aya Cash's Stormfront seems to be finally confirmed. But is Stormfront really dead?

The Amazon Prime series, which centers on Billy Butcher (Karl Urban ) and his quest for revenge against the vile superhero Homelander (Antony Starr ), has already premiered two seasons, and each one has drawn an even larger audience than before. With Jensen Ackles joining the series as the Soldier Boy, and the highly anticipated episode 'Herogasm' coming out this month, it looks like season three will continue the trend of expanding the series' already massive fandom.

One of the major victories of the previous season was Aya Cash 's Stormfront, a lovable and feminist superheroine who was later exposed as an immortal high-ranking Nazi determined to spread her racist views through her newfound superstardom. Of course, her plans came to an abrupt end: Billy Butcher and his crew stopped her by severely mutilating her body, leaving Stormfront without legs, an arm, and an eye. Many fans already thought she was dead in the season two finale, but her suicide was not officially confirmed until the second episode of season three.

But it seems that showrunner Eric Kripke is still trying to trick fans by questioning the villain's death, as it has not been shown to viewers directly on screen.

"I don't know. I've always said, until you're really staring at a body that is dead, you can never truly say, in television, if someone is dead. But I guess time will tell," Kripke told Variety.

Fans were staggered to see the Stormfront being recast in superhero film 'Dawn of the Seven' (co-starring Homelander, Queen Maeve and Starlight), with Charlize Theron making a surprise appearance as the racist superheroine in season 3's first episode.

While this cameo is certainly considered a one-off, fans have already noted that Theron's appearance as Stormfront echoes her recently revealed costume as MCU 's Clea. Talk about coincidences.