Is Morfydd Clark Too Young To Play Galadriel?

Is Morfydd Clark Too Young To Play Galadriel?
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Amazon's new 'The Lord of the Rings' inspired series 'The Rings of Power' has received mixed reviews since its first episode aired at the beginning of September.

The original story, set in an age before the novels take place, introduces many new characters into the Tolkien universe as well as some familiar characters directly from the books. One of these characters is Galadriel, played by actress Morfydd Clark. However, some are questioning if the series may have picked someone slightly too young to play the distinguished eleven queen.

Who is Morfydd Clark and how old is she?

Morfydd Clark is a Welsh actress who trained at Drama Centre London. She is currently 33 years old. Clark has appeared in a number of films and television series since the start of her career in 2014. She was officially announced to be playing Galadriel in the series in early 2020. She has expressed that her Welsh heritage helped her in playing the part. And that her Welsh-speaking was a significant part of what influenced her portrayal of the role.

Why do fans think she is too young?

Even though Clark is representing a version of the character who is thousands of years younger than the Galadriel we see in the novels, elves are described as having a constant ageless look about them. However, at the period in which the show takes place, Galadriel is at least five thousand years old (depending on which timeline you are using). Does Clark's youthful appearance remove some of the wisdom and gravitas that an elf such as Galadriel is supposed to portray?

Of course, there is no considering Galadriel without thinking of one of the best representations of her, as played by the fantastic Cate Blanchett. Blanchett captured the character and respect from fans in her representation of Galadriel in The Lord of the Rings trilogy movies as well as The Hobbit. A part which she was nominated and won several awards for. Her casting for the role has been described by fans as 'lightning in a bottle'. So how can Clark compare with this?

Are some fans too selective?

The irony of fans considering Morfydd Clark too young for the role when comparing her to Cate Blanchett is that she is actually three years older than Blanchett was when she began filming for the same role in Fellowship of the Ring in 1999. Much of the audience with a high admiration for the previous films or books is arguably overly-invested in the franchise. The fantasy of Middle-Earth that many have come to love has conjured up much interest in the series. Fans simply want to see achieve their high expectations for the show and its characters.

Clark's age was not the only aspect of her that was criticized by the series' viewers. Some have noted the actress's height is only as tall as 5ft 5. Where the description of Galadriel is stated as being over 6 feet. How much this affects Galadriel's representation within The Rings of Power is up to the individual viewer's preferences. But I can imagine there are not many over six feet, blonde, fair, naturally beautiful actresses, who look youthful (but not too youthful) with a kind but forbearing demeanour about them.