Is '90s Iconic Wolverine Making a Comeback in Deadpool 3?

Is '90s Iconic Wolverine Making a Comeback in Deadpool 3?
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Is Wolverine making his way from animated series to silver screen?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe currently has two upcoming X-Men-related projects — Deadpool 3 and X-Men '97. One fan theory, recently shared on Reddit, suggests these two projects might be connected.

X-Men '97 is a continuation of X-Men: The Animated Serie, the animated TV show aired in 1992–1997. The animated series has become an absolute classic, and, for a good reason, it is considered to be one of the best animated TV shows based on comic books.

If you watched the original animated series, you will remember the iconic Wolverine. The fan suggests that the Wolverine we've been spotting in leaked Deadpool 3 photos is none other than this animated legend.

If you’ve been living under a rock, the leaked photos showcase Wolverine in his iconic yellow suit, reminiscent of the one from X-Men '97.

The theory suggests that Deadpool might take a trip through the animated X-Men universe, and if this Wolverine were to tag along, it would be a cinematic experience like no other.

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Some fans raised eyebrows over the long sleeves on the suit, but some people think that it's a protective measure for Hugh Jackman due to skin cancer concerns. Given Marvel's creative freedom post Disney 's acquisition of 20th Century Fox, adding sleeves wouldn't be a big deal.

Linking an animated series directly to a blockbuster film might be a genius move. While Loki has its ties to the ongoing phases, a Deadpool and X-Men '97 crossover would be on another level. The theory also touches upon the idea that Deadpool might not end up with the Logan he's trying to save.

The animated Wolverine from the X-Men series had a certain charm that many fans remember fondly. This crossover could also pave the way for Ryan Reynolds to perhaps transition to voice roles in potential future X-Men '97 seasons.

With the multiverse concept gaining traction, we're starting to understand how characters can show up in different universes. Characters might take on the form of the universe they enter, which supports the theory of the animated Wolverine transitioning to live action.

Source: Reddit