Iconic Will Smith Sci-Fi Franchise is Now Available for Free on Prime

Iconic Will Smith Sci-Fi Franchise is Now Available for Free on Prime
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Try not to get neuralyzed!


  • This December, Amazon Prime and Freevee have been updated with many great comedy movies and series.
  • Among them, all three installments of the cult action comedy Men in Black are now available to watch for free.
  • Any of the three movies could be a great option for re-watching or showing to your kids.

December is upon us and we are all getting ready for Christmas and the holidays, enjoying the snow (if there is any in your area) and actively stocking up on gifts. But the most important gift this month has been delivered by Amazon Prime Video and its Freevee streaming service, as the latter's library has been replenished with great TV series and movies, many of which are still considered true classics. And it's all free (well, except for the ads, of course)!

Freevee is ready to let you watch no small number of terrific comedy movies. There's the superhero action parody Kick-Ass, the supernaturally animated Hotel Transylvania, and many other outstanding and entertaining examples available this month. In other words, there's definitely no shortage of movies to get you in the holiday spirit! Especially when the platform offers three installments of the incredibly funny and kind franchise with Will Smith about our first, last and only line of defense. Those who live in secret and exist in shadow. And those who dress in black!

The Funniest Sci-Fi Franchise

Yes, dear friends, you guessed right. Starting December 1, you can watch the original three Men in Black movies, starring the unforgettable Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones as the ever-optimistic Agent J and the grumpy veteran Agent K, on Freevee.

Each of the three movies about the wacky adventures of two agents who become good friends (along with black coffee-loving worm guys) despite the private lives left behind literally shines with music composed by Danny Elfman, who can provide both comic and quite dramatic mood. Didn't some of us cry when Jay had to erase Kay's memory? And how can we forget the energetic solo track of the same name by Will Smith himself, full of sci-fi references and praise for black suits?

How to Watch the Cult Comedies?

Freevee is a free-to-use service that relies on advertising for its revenue. That's why you don't even need a basic subscription to Prime Video — all you need to do is visit the Prime website or download the dedicated Freevee app to your devices. For those who don't want to waste time watching commercials, all three installments are available for rent or purchase on Prime.

Renting the original Men in Black costs $3.59 for SD and $4.49 for HD/UHD. Buying will cost more: $9.99 for SD, $12.99 for HD, and $13.99 for UHD. Men in Black II rentals will be $3.99 for each option, while purchases will cost between $9.99 and $13.99. As for Men in Black 3, rentals will cost $3.59 for SD and $3.89 for HD/UHD, and purchases will cost $13.99 for any quality option.

All three movies are also available for streaming on Hulu and FuboTV. The former requires a subscription starting at $7.99 per month (with a seven-day free trial). As for Fubo, after a free trial, subscription plans start at $54.99 for the first month and $74.99 thereafter. Every Men in Black movie is also available for rent and purchase on other services including iTunes, Google Play, YouTube, DirecTV and more.

Why Is It a Good Idea to Watch Them in December?

Despite the criminal mayhem that both humans and aliens have wreaked on Earth and beyond, each of the three MiBs is an incredibly good-natured and uplifting movie that you wouldn't be ashamed to show your kids. Colorful alien and gadget designs, stylish black suits and music, suspenseful action scenes, and a story of friendship and mutual aid. The Men in Black franchise is probably one of the best options to watch this December with Christmas and the holidays coming up.