Hunger Games Director Calls New Prequel Show’s Lead an ‘Anti-Katniss’

Hunger Games Director Calls New Prequel Show’s Lead an ‘Anti-Katniss’
Image credit: Lionsgate Films

Francis Lawrence, the director of Hunger Games and the upcoming prequel, reflects on the differences between the two lead characters, and it somehow revolves around…their sexuality.

The Hunger Games franchise took off really strong back in the day, and even those of us who might not be in love with these movies are happy it did: at the very least, it gave the world Jennifer Lawrence. While she wasn’t exactly a nobody prior to Hunger Games, this franchise cemented her status as an international superstar.

But as years went by, Katniss Everdeen’s story came to an end, and Hunger Games seemingly died off…right? Wrong! There’s a new prequel show in the works, and it boasts an amazing cast and setting as well as the same director. Francis Lawrence (don’t mistake for Jennifer) is back at it again, and he’s ready to impress you all.

The new series is called Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes ( or HGTBoSaS for short, but it’s too cursed to use), and it will follow a different tribute from District 12: Lucy Gray Baird. She’s a young and cheerful performer, and also — as Lawrence put it — something of an “anti-Katniss” when it comes to her character.

“Katniss was an introvert and a survivor. She was quite quiet and stoic, you could almost say, asexual… Lucy Gray is the opposite. She wears her sexuality on her sleeve; she really is a performer. She loves crowds. She knows how to play crowds and manipulate people,” Francis Lawrence told Empire.

While we’re not exactly sure why the director appealed to the lead characters’ sexuality to compare them, we can appreciate the sentiment. It would be nice to see a change of context since Katniss was harsh and secluded and Lucy will, on the contrary, be a crowd-pleaser and a proficient manipulator. That sounds interesting.

Considering that Lucy’s mentor will be the notorious Snow, the man who’ll later turn into a dictator of Panem, we bet the romantic arc between the two will be nothing short of dramatic. And seeing how treacherous Snow will become later, well…

May the odds be in Lucy's favor because she’ll definitely need it.

Source: Empire