House of the Dragon Repeats Game of Thrones Mistake, but in Opposite Way

House of the Dragon Repeats Game of Thrones Mistake, but in Opposite Way
Image credit: HBO

Years after being introduced on TV, both shows’ fire-spitting creatures remain the biggest unsolved mystery.

As Game of Thrones proved and then its prequel House of the Dragon confirmed, the Targaryens’ long history with dragons has always had its ups and downs, despite having spent decades or even centuries allying against other powerful houses of Westeros.

The dragons’ habits and even mere way of living and reproducing have always been a tricky subject for both series, and even George R.R. Martin’s books didn’t offer significant help here.

This all led to an inevitable yet logical series of mistakes that House of the Dragon somehow borrowed from Game of Thrones, basing mostly on the latter’s incredible success with viewers and thus believing that some minor inconsistencies would just pass unnoticed. Ironically, the prequel did change a major detail about the dragons, but still failed to offer an accurate image of fantastic creatures.

Following House of the Dragon season 2 premiere, fans were quick to get together once again speculating on the first episode’s best and worst moments. The dragons were obviously not left aside as many praised a whole new level of graphics that made the creatures look even more realistic than before, though others pointed out a different and actually important detail, claiming that some of the dragons featured in the episode looked ridiculously small.

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Most of those numerous comments mentioned that Rhaenyra’s dragon Syrax was in fact supposed to be much bigger than any other fire-spitting creature, yet here it’s just somewhat tiny.

All the harsh criticism towards the dragons’ sizes in the show’s second season is a funny déjà vu moment, reminding that Game of Thrones once got the heat regarding the same thing, but back then the original show’s dragons were criticized for being too big.

Fans’ remarks about Daenerys riding huge creatures actually make a lot of sense, since the dragons in George R.R. Martin’s world also had a very rough and unstable history throughout centuries.

In House of the Dragon, the creatures appear in more or less big numbers, though the Targaryens dynasty fall later on will also be followed by the dragons’ reproduction crisis. This is subtly addressed in Game of Thrones when it’s made clear that Daenerys would be ready to put everything at stake to grow those three dragons initially hidden in the eggs.

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The original show making its dragons gigantic is just the same questionable moment as House of the Dragon’s creatures that are actually supposed to be bigger. Despite the upcoming reproduction crisis that will soon devour the dragons, the latter ones are still at their prime, giving their owners a huge advantage in battles with rivals.

The Game of Thrones dragons, however, come as the first to appear since the start of that crisis which lasted for years, and thus weren’t supposed to have grown in size that fast anyway.