Harry Potter: The Weasley Twins Poisoned a Student for Quidditch and No One Noticed

Harry Potter: The Weasley Twins Poisoned a Student for Quidditch and No One Noticed
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When it comes to Hogwarts’s favorite pranksters, no one seemed to mind their attempts on other students’ lives…but in some cases, no one even noticed their crimes.

Fred and George Weasley are largely beloved by Harry Potter fans — and they were generally loved by their fellow students, too. Interestingly enough, despite their rather recurring attempts on other students’ lives and health, the twins barely ever had to face the consequences. They were always getting away after all they had done.

The case of shoving a Slytherin student into that broken Vanishing Cabinet, for one, was an actual attempt on that boy’s life! The Weasley twins purposefully left him there, and he could’ve died there. However, Fred and George never faced any real repercussions that must follow after an attempt on someone’s life, normally.

But everyone knows about the Vanishing Cabinet. We discovered that once, the twins poisoned a different student just to help Ron with his Quidditch tryouts!

If you remember, when the Weasleys and other Order of the Phoenix members were cleaning up 12 Grimmauld Place, they found a whole bunch of Doxy eggs. Despite Mrs. Weasley’s best attempts at destroying them all, the twins sneaked some away — and told Harry that they wanted to experiment with their magical properties.

There are Quidditch tryouts for the Gryffindor team, and Ron Weasley wants to become the new keeper. He’s very nervous about it, though, and he knows he has decent competition: McLaggen, for one, was a great keeper, and he had all the chances at booking the vacant position ahead of Ron. The twins knew about it.

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However, when Harry talks to McLaggen about the tryouts, a piece of peculiar information is revealed. Apparently, McLaggen missed his tryouts…because of his Doxy egg poisoning!

“‘You didn’t try out last year, did you?’ asked Harry, taking note of the breadth of McLaggen and thinking that he would probably block all three goalhoops without even moving. ‘I was in the hospital wing when they held the trials,’ said McLaggen, with something of a swagger. ‘Ate a pound of Doxy eggs for a bet.’”

Well, take a wild guess how those Doxy eggs ended up in Hogwarts and who brought them in. The Weasley twins very clearly wanted to help their little brother join them in the Gryffindor team, so they tricked McLaggen into eating some Doxy eggs, rendering him immobile for the time of the tryouts.

And no one ever noticed!