Harry Potter BTS Sneak Peek That Will Ruin All Hogwarts Magic for You

Harry Potter BTS Sneak Peek That Will Ruin All Hogwarts Magic for You
Image credit: Warner Bros.

Harry Potter creates a magical aura all around you every time you watch it. Well, let’s ruin that for you, shall we?

Harry Potter ( especially, the first two movies) is magical in itself – no matter what age you are, you put on another one of Harry’s adventures on TV, and you are immediately transported back to your childhood. Director Chris Columbus has done such a fine job on the films that the Hogwarts magic is almost tangible.

There isn’t a single person who wouldn’t have hopped on a broom for a friendly game of Quidditch, given the chance. Or tried their hand at some exciting spells or potions. Or even tasted everything the Great Hall feast had to offer.

Speaking of which, if you ate anything off the table at Hogwarts, you would probably have been rushed to the hospital pretty quickly. Sorry to ruin it for you, but the food wasn’t actually edible.

According to a Warner Bros. Entertainment documentary on creating the world of Harry Potter, the students of Hogwarts weren’t allowed to eat any of the food on the table because it was fake!

In rare behind-the-scenes footage of the Great Hall feast on Halloween, Columbus could be seen warning the child actors to stay away from the food “in the middle of the table.” They were only supposed to devour whatever was on the plates right in front of them. Why though?

The reason was quite simple. Most of the food was “sprayed” to look great on screen, but in reality, it could just make anyone who ate it very sick. Some scenes took days to film, and the real food “didn’t hold up well” without proper storage conditions.

Everything got spoiled pretty quickly, and the stench became rather unbearable. The Harry Potter actors are true professionals if they managed to not only shoot all those scenes without barfing, but also make the food seem delicious.

There you have it. When you think about it, the Hogwarts Great Hall feasts were actually more like Sir Nicholas’ (the Gryffindor house ghost) Deathday Party that the Golden Trio attended. Rotten food is so not for everyone.

Would you still like to dine at Hogwarts?

Source: Warner Bros. Entertainment