Harrison Ford Missed Out On The Part In $1.1B Movie For a Mysterious Reason

Harrison Ford Missed Out On The Part In $1.1B Movie For a Mysterious Reason
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Indiana Jones in a cast would do the movie's ratings even better.

Harrison Ford 's impressive acting journey began in 1964 and continues to this day.

With numerous A-list Hollywood hits under his belt, the actor has taken on roles on both the big and small screen, leaving audiences in awe of his performance.

Now in his 80s, Ford continues to work hard in such major upcoming projects as the MCU 's Captain America: New World Order and Thunderbolts.

It's hard to believe his acting career could get any better, but it turns out Harrison Ford had a chance to star in another groundbreaking franchise, but turned it down.

Back in 2011, during a post-screening talk after the 30th-anniversary screening of Raiders of the Lost Ark in LA, it was revealed in a dialogue between Ford himself and Steven Spielberg.

When the actor joked that Spielberg only invited him to play Indiana Jones, the director took it upon himself to set the record straight: that was never the case.

"You know who I offered Jurassic Park to? This guy. Alan Grant, Jurassic Park, right here".

Although the revelation was quite shocking to Jurassic Park fans who are so used to seeing Sam Neill in the iconic role of Dr. Alan Grant, many would like to know more details.

Why did Harrison Ford turn down the role? Was there a scheduling conflict? Did he not like the role enough to take it?

Well, we'll have to guess for ourselves, as the actor quickly moved on to another topic.

Even though the reasons behind this decision are unclear, fans generally agree that it was the right decision.

Maybe the audience is just too used to Jurassic Park as it is, but maybe there could not be a better cast to play the roles of Alan Grant, Ellie Sattler, Ian Malcolm and John Hammond.

Finally, the quality of the movie is directly proven by the numbers: a re-release of Jurassic Park in 3D in 2013 pushed the box office total to well over $1 billion.

If you're feeling nostalgic, you can always revisit Jurassic Park by streaming it on Netflix and MAX, or buying it through Apple TV and Amazon Prime.