Grim Young Sheldon Detail that Makes the Show Oddly Realistic

Grim Young Sheldon Detail that Makes the Show Oddly Realistic
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Too many people are just as reckless.

If there is one thing that Young Sheldon did as well as The Big Bang Theory, it is how realistic and relatable the show felt. Although in both cases the characters were exaggerated to the point of feeling like caricatures of the people we usually see around us, each of them still resonated perfectly with viewers.

Unfortunately, many people have found George Sr. and the way his character developed throughout the show to be similar to someone in their own lives. When it came to the man who was in charge of a large family, struggling at work and trying to find common ground with his wife, it felt very real how he often put himself last.

How Did George Sr. Cooper Die on Young Sheldon?

The heart attack that took the life of the Cooper family patriarch did not come out of nowhere. Throughout the show, viewers have seen many clues and hints as to how his character would eventually die, the biggest of which was a minor heart attack that he suffered before and did nothing to prevent.

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Though some viewers blame him and Mary for neglecting his needs and putting him at risk, others believe that this grim detail is what makes the whole arc feel more realistic and all the more devastating. Every single viewer who watched The Big Bag Theory knew the devastating moment was coming, but no one knew exactly how it would go.

“I think George would have been [too] stubborn to listen to anyone. I could imagine Mary approaching the subject and then him shutting it down immediately. There was no way he was going to give up his beers and change his lifestyle. He also isn't the type to believe that he was [in] bad shape and rather live in denial,” Redditor First-Bed-5918 suggested.

This reckless attitude toward one's own health reflects the way many people approach their own lifestyles. Even under the threat of serious illness, they continue to indulge their habits, hoping they won't become the next case to join the sad statistics. Many also believe that this Young Sheldon arc is a commentary on the American healthcare system as a whole.

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Either way, George Sr.'s unfortunate passing has shaken many Young Sheldon fans, especially considering how the show ended on such a sad note. However, the fictional character's death may be a good motivation for real people to take better care of their health.

If you already miss Young Sheldon, you can always go ahead and re-watch the show streaming on Paramount Plus. Or stick around and wait for more updates on the sitcom's spinoff, Georgie & Mandy's First Marriage.