Grey's Anatomy Fans Ready To Give Musicals A Second Chance, But Only Under One Condition

Grey's Anatomy Fans Ready To Give Musicals A Second Chance, But Only Under One Condition
Image credit: ABC

That would be entertaining, at the very least.

Despite the fact that the last Grey's Anatomy musical episode, Song Beneath the Song, aired more than 12 years ago, fans still can't forget how much they had to cringe to watch it.

To this day, this episode remains an example of one of the worst and most distasteful musical episodes to ever air on television.

However, many years later, fans may be able to forget the past and move on by giving Grey's Anatomy a chance to redeem itself. But there is one condition: Harry Shum Jr. should bring back his Glee co-stars to appear as celebrity guests.

Of course, nobody expects anything really good to come out of this. And if anything, Grey's Anatomy would benefit from not taking itself seriously.

Just as Glee itself had an episode where the characters went into some kind of performing trance under the influence of general anesthesia, Grey's Anatomy could easily use a similar plot device for a fun musical extravaganza.

With either Lea Michele, Jonathan Groff, Darren Criss, or Grant Gustin, all of whom have made quite a few television appearances since Glee ended, Grey's Anatomy could not only add to the long list of celebrity guests to be proud of but also attract more viewers. Viewers, who would rejoin the show or stick around for Harry Shum Jr. in it.

It may have been 8 years since the iconic teen musical drama ended, but fans are still out there and would kill to hear their favorites perform together again.

Even though it doesn't seem possible today, there's no telling what season 20 of Grey's Anatomy will bring to the screens.

A big anniversary like this requires some special surprises for the loyal fans who have stuck with the show through all the troubles, so Shondaland can come up with something completely unpredictable.

Whether or not that's something you'd like to see on Grey's Anatomy in the future, stay tuned for more news on the 20th season's production and release date.