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Grant Gustin Debunks The Most Insane Flash Rumor

Grant Gustin Debunks The Most Insane Flash Rumor
Image credit: Legion-Media/globallookpress

The news is truly disappointing, but not surprising at all.

With The Flash TV show slowly coming to an end and the movie of the same name getting closer to its premiere, it's no wonder that fans are constantly looking for more updates and gossip.

This situation begs for a comparison between the two, as much as both the CW and Warner Bros. have tried not to differentiate between the two.

Unfortunately for the fans, two Flash universes are just not meant to cross paths. At least from what we know today from the production team and the stars themselves.

Fans of The Flash were thrilled to see Ezra Miller and John Wesley Shipp's cameos in the show, but that's about as much crossover as they'll get.

While speaking with TVLine, Grant Gustin was asked a question about his possible appearance in the film. The answer was sharp and direct, though not the one everyone was hoping to hear:

"Yeah, there's been a lot of rumors out there for a long time, and no one came out directly and asked me. Like, ever. Like, you know, on the record. People ask me that on the street all the time, and… Yeah, no, I'm not keeping some big elaborate secret," the actor explained, finally putting numerous rumors of his possible cameo to an end.

He later added that he hasn't received an invitation to the premiere of the movie yet, but he's already beyond excited to see what they've done with the character and his storyline.

Grant Gustin is not the only person the audience would like to see come back in The Flash movie.

Another highly anticipated cameo would be that of John Wesley Shipp, who portrayed Flash in the original The Flash TV show in 1990 and has not missed a single adaptation since.

There are no official sources confirming or denying his appearance in the upcoming movie, so fans are still holding out hope.

As unfortunate as it is for fans of Gustin's Flash, it looks like the series finale will indeed be the last time we see the actor in a suit.

The Flash will return to our screens on April 26 with the new episode, so tune in to The CW to make sure you don't miss it.