Goodbye To The Red Suit: Grant Gustin Officially Wrapped Filming For Flash

Goodbye To The Red Suit: Grant Gustin Officially Wrapped Filming For Flash
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The Flash speeded through the filming of the final season.

The Flash has been around since 2014, premiering on the CW and being one of several shows existing in Arrowverse.

The first episode of the series became the second most-watched premiere in the history of the CW after The Vampire Diaries in 2009, which granted it a quick success and viewers' adoration.

As the years went on, with more and more characters coming in and going out of it, the show was renewed for the last time in March 2022 for season 9, announcing that it would be the last one for fans to see.

It was not a surprise for critics and the general public, as the show ratings have drastically dropped over the years, however, fans are still a bit sad about letting their favorites go from their screens.

Grant Gustin, who's been portraying Flash for the past nine years, admits that he's going to miss these times greatly too, in his Instagram post.

The actor shared a picture that has been taken moments before his final setup, noting that he said goodbye to The Flash and his Flash family, and got the opportunity to thank everyone involved in the series making.

"Honored to have had the chance to play this iconic character. I gave it absolutely everything I had," Gustin wrote to conclude his heartwarming message of gratitude for everyone, who ever worked on the show, was a guest on set, or watched it and stuck with it through many changes.

To break the fans' hearts even more, he posted a video hanging his iconic red suit for the last time.

Some of Gustin's co-stars have also hinted at the end of filming earlier. For example, Candice Patton, who plays Iris West-Allen, shared a post captured "Final countdown" on February, 24th.

Danielle Panabaker, who portrays Caitlin Snow, also announced her last day filming for Flash a few days earlier.

The ninth and final season of The Flash first hit the screens on February, 8th on The CW. It will consist of 13 episodes, with the last one set to air on May, 24th.